The Great Mistake

Looking back, Gary Gygax made one serious mistake in preparing the original “Dungeons and Dragons” manuscript way back in 1973.

He seriously overestimated the intelligence of the player base.



4 thoughts on “The Great Mistake

  1. Blackthicket says:

    I have pictures of the Battle on the Ice game from GaryConVI. You posted in the GaryCon forums that you were looking for some….do you still need some?

    ( I also played in the same DGUTS game.)

  2. I wonder if he tried to follow the general rule of thumb, “hire someone smarter than me” — or, was it all a sort of surprise and they were all kind of wandering around in a perfect storm mainly guessing what would work or not.

  3. Well, since it was just him, it would be hard for him to hire somebody smarter than himself when he worked alone.

    I think people think TSR in its early years was WAY more exalted than it actually was. Until about a year after D&D came out, TSR was a desk in a spare bedroom in Gary’s house.

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