GaryCon 2015: Part 1

Well, today is Gary Gygax’s birthday, so it seems a good time to get off my butt and post about GaryCon back in March!

I once again got to go to GC with friends…. my friend Victor once again, and my dear close friend David Thornley, whom I’ve known since 1973.  David hasn’t been to a gaming con since we stopped going to GenCon back in the 80s.

The only bad part is, quite frankly, none of us are as young as we were thirty years ago.  With jobs and my night shift schedule, we were all kind of tired all weekend.  Oh, well.  We went down on Wednesday once again.  We couldn’t get lodging at the main hotel so we ended up staying at “The Cove.”  Lake Geneva’s a pretty small town so it wasn’t a huge problem.  We had a wonderful dinner just the three of us at Sprechter’s at the Cove on Wednesday night, and briefly bumped into Anthony and Cecily, the creative team for “Dungeons & Dragons:  A Documentary.”

We took our time Thursday morning getting out to the convention, had a nice leisurely breakfast at the Olympic diner.  Thursday late morning/afternoon was spent getting badges, wandering around, meetin’ and greetin’, and generally getting the lay of the land.

My first event was the Thursday evening CHAINMAIL historical miniatures battle, “The Battle on the Ice.”  Based on the historical Battle of Lake Piepus as portrayed in the movie “Alexander Nevsky,” this is the third year I’ve run the battle.  I did some serious revision of the Order of Battle and I’m pleased to report that the game went very well, and I think it’s about as balanced as I can get it.  The Teutonic Knights racked up their third victory in a row, but everyone agreed it was a close thing and could easily have gone either way.

My ingenuity as a referee was tested when the Teutonic Knights broke through the ice… which I’d planned for… and Prince Alexander and his knights charged into 5 feet of icy water to melee with the perfidious Huns in the water, which I had NOT planned.

I’m currently writing an article for Gygax Magazine on this battle, so if you want to see how I resolved things, watch this space for more details on when the article will be published!  (shameless plug!)

The convention venue again served food and drinks to gamers at their tables, which is a wonderful service I can’t praise highly enough.  After our evening games we returned to our rooms and retired.

More to come.

Beer, out.

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