Gary Con 2015: Part 2

Friday morning was taken up with doing some filming with Anthony and Cecily for “Dungeons and Dragons: A Documentary.”  I’d been interviewed; this time around it was recording some transition pieces to move between major themes.  It was a lot of fun.

Friday afternoon was “Don’t Give Up The Ship,” refereed by Mike Carr.  The scenario involved French merchantmen running from British forces, and a French squadron of warships coming out to protect the merchantmen.  I arrived a bit late after the filming and wound up getting the smallest British ship, a 24 gun Sloop of War that had been shadowing the merchantmen.

It looked at first like I wouldn’t be doing much; I was quite a ways out.  Fortunately, in the British navy when an enemy vessel was captured all the captains within line of sight shared the prize money.  When a British frigate captured a French frigate I ran up signal flags.  In DGUTS this is done by writing your message… no more than 3 words… and handing it to the nearest friendly player, who hands it around.  Considering the situation, my three words were easy to choose:


I ended up charging into battle against a damaged 40 gun French frigate.  This ship had twice the displacement of mine and the guns were much heavier, making the “24 vs 40” misleading.  Several of my fellow British captains expressed concern that I was throwing my ship away.  But I, speaking truthfully, fought my ship right well, crossing the Frenchy’s “T” twice with opening broadsides, once at point-blank range allowing me to “rake” her.  Alas, the greater strength of the Frenchman’s hull prevented me from taking her, though I did take down a mast.  The engagement rather reminded me of Henry the Chicken Hawk from the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, and earned me the nickname of “Mad Anthony” Mornard.

Friday evening was my usual OD&D game, “Magic Users with Knives.”  My only complaint is that this was in the main room near the door, and as such it was VERY noisy.  I let in some extra people who hadn’t been able to get into a game elsewhere, with the kind consent of my players.  Unfortunately, my tiredness caught up to me; I was rather worn out by this time, and honestly, I felt like I really didn’t do my best job of running OD&D.  My apologies to my players.

Saturday morning I wound up sleeping til noon; I was that tired.  I got to the Con too late for the “Cavaliers and Roundheads” battle being run by Jeff Perren — my apologies to referee and players alike.

I spent Saturday afternoon noodling around, mostly, and bought a few goodies in the dealers’ room.  I sat in on the GaryCon Auction again.  The sandal Gary made for my brother was up on the block again, but I didn’t see how much it went for, as I had a game that evening.  Probably the most spectacular thing in the auction was a 5″ or so pewter statue of Mary Gygax as “The Pirate Queen,” commissioned years ago by Fritz Leiber (who dubbed her The Pirate Queen” originally.)  It was an exquisitely done piece with a very significant history.

Saturday evening was the last game I was playing in for the convention… Empire of the Petal Throne.

But you’ll have to wait for my next installment for that.

Beer, out.